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Behzad Mirloo

Behzad is a professional musician who has composed and performed music worldwide since 1999. He established Janan music school and Janan music band back home and he also established Mirloo Music in Vancouver since immigrating to Canada. 

He has over 20 years efficient experience in instructing Violin, Piano, Kamanche (traditional string instrument) and Vocal lessons. He has a bachelor's degree in music and he is multi-instrumentalist.

Behzad is a kids' music specialist and a natural teacher who believes teaching to children is the most significant age range. Therefore, the need for passionate and experienced instructors is essential.  

During the years of instructing music, he has experienced his approach for teaching music with significant result.


Mirloo Music is a team of:

  • Knowledgeable teachers

  • Passionate students

  • Supportive families

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His students love his classes not only because of the fun and engaging way he runs them but because of his personality and ability to get along with his students and also his capacity to instill passion of music in music learners. 


Fariba Emami

Fariba has 15  years’ efficient experience in instructing Orff Approach to children in a wide range of age groups between 1 to 10 years old.

She is also a Violin and Kamanche player (traditional string instrument) and has got her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

In her engaging and instructive approach to the Orff method, Fariba teaches through singing, playing instruments, and performing movements. This allows students to get in touch with their natural music instinct and enjoy the endless freedom, innovation, and creativity that the Orff method allows for.

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