Bring Life to your life...

Bring Life to your life...

"We love what we do"

During over 20 years of experience in instructing music specifically children, we've recognized an exclusive potential in each student so, we've tailored our method to their character to help them gain more with better results.
Our new approach makes us able to share our passion with others in a fun, engaging and creative way.
Our results are a testament to the fact that our system works.
We are ready to help you enjoy learning music.





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We're here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you.

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Enjoying music as a consumer is easy and fun but it turns to a big challenge when one decides to learn and perform. A significant part of this challenge is the method which is used by your first music teacher. I can confirm that Behzad Mirloo possesses the best skills in teaching music that you’d expect. Not only he masters many instruments and methods at a high level but also encouraging, enthusiastic and super fun in his classes that makes his sessions useful and joyful. He uses simple language for all complicated aspects of music. With Behzad, you can make sure that you or your child are in capable hands and you’ll get an extraordinary result in a short period of time. I just forgot to say he has a GREAT PERSONALITY.



Bring Life to your life...